We had decided early in 2020 that we would use APM in Subic Bay for the bulk of the refit work. They had done a great job for us with SAVAGE (a 30’ rocket), but as they say when it comes to working on boats, you either have time or money. I don’t have any of the former and not much of the latter, but I did invest some of the latter in a project manager who also happens to be a naval architect – a combination that would prove extremely useful down track.

A slot was booked for the boat in early July allowing us plenty of time to get some more sailing in and to really fine-tune what we wanted to do … right? Not so much.

16 March 2020 and the whole of the Philippines went into Enhanced Community Quarantine, aka ‘Lockdown’, and the world was seemingly placed on hold. All was not lost, we did have a rough refit concept developed from the detailed survey that was conducted in late 2019 in Hong Kong and we had a clear idea of how we wanted to use the boat. With that in hand and in conjunction with the yard and the project manager/naval architect we refined the various work packages.

Despite the lockdown, we managed to get a dispensation from the Philippines Coastguard to move the boat to the APM yard just two weeks later than originally planned. Happily, for all concerned (most Philippine employers practice a no work, no pay regime with regard to the many of their laborers), many of the yards workers are from outlying provinces and they live on site or nearby, so we were able to pull the boat out and start work immediately.