The waters around Khao Phing Kan have many shallows and it is easy to get caught by low tides, on average we had between a 2-3m change on each tide.  So, with an abundance of caution (salty sea dog code for I can see the bottom) we set off for the next adventure. A Northly heading for the Gypsy Village, Koh Panyee, (08°19.95N, 098° 30.30E) for a spot of lunch and the floating football pitch that had featured recently in a travel program – Jack Whitehall’s ‘Travels with my Father’.

The weather ahead of us, as we were approaching Koh Panyee, nearly made us turn back and head South to the sun and clearer waters.  After many ‘Captains’ conferences we decided to stick it out and go for the goal, (very poor pun), eventually putting the anchor down about 100m from the long boat piers on the East side of the Island.  As if by magic a long boat appeared alongside, offering to take us ashore, to his favourite restaurant.  How could we resist!  Again very few visitors here, most of the restaurants shut up, clearly they were set up to be able to take, feed and host 1000’s of visitors per day, it was so sad to see the impact of the pandemic on this local economy.  We did some exploring through the village, much of it is on piers now.  Certainly, there were a lot of tourist facilities, lots of ramshackle buildings, a large Mosque, and several schools and of course the now famous footie pitch. I would hate to be the ball boy for their games! Back to Cloud Dancer, with a resupply of ice.

We set off for the nights anchourage, Southeast heading to Koh Kudu Yai, (08° 11.90N, 098° 38.00E).  An amazing spot, nestled close in between two islands, and a dusk adventure to spot the fruit bat swarm – apparently they are very famous in these parts, though this must have been their night off as they did not show.  There were some monkey troops that I don’t think had seen many visitors recently and who were quite put out with us as with pottered about the shorelone, also an amazing sea eagle that coasted along with us for a while, so a naturlist aspect to add to the log!