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Countdown to the Transpac


After a refit of almost 10 months, Savage is out on the water and racing! We cut off her old bow and gave her a new look with a reverse bow, gun metal grey for the hull and white topsides. A new carbon prod has been added with two tack points enabling us to add a Blast Reaching Zero (BR0) to the sail plan. We removed all the tracks on the front end and ran everything that we could below decks. The jib is now trimmed using a floating ring setup. We cleaned up the cockpit by moving all control lines off the deck, repositioning the winches and leading key lines to the wings. The big new main is controlled by a dual purchase sheeting system and Savage now sports split backstays. It’s still early days, but she is impressing us in light conditions and in serious breeze when heading down hill. We are still working to find the right grooves for her in moderate breeze, but that part of the journey is half the fun. Stay tuned …..

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Who are the Spartans?

We are a combination of professional and amateur sailors who love to build boats and race them hard. Our Spartans come from all over the world drawn together by a common passion for racing fast boats. Currently we are racing principally in the Asia / Pacific region.

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Spartan Racing Blog

8: A Savage is born!

By |April 4th, 2019|

With work completed at the yard, the boat was relocated back to her normal slip for stepping of the refurbished mast, final fit out and running of her lines. With that done, she was ready to hit the water. But wait! …… we had a problem.

7: mmmmmmmm Shiny!

By |November 17th, 2018|

We had decided very early on in the transformation that we wanted the best products for the right jobs. Antal provided the clutches, padeyes, low friction rings, low friction organizers, snap blocks and the like. Harken would be our supplier of choice for blocks and cleats. Wichard for snap shackles. North Sails for the wardrobe.

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